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'''Hans Lietzmann''' (2 March 1875 – 25 June 1942) was a German Protestant theologian and church historian who was a native of Düsseldorf. He initially studied in Jena, then continued his education in University of Bonn|Bonn, where he was a student of Hermann Usener (1834–1905). In 1905 he was appointed professor of church history at the University of Jena, and in 1923 was a successor to Adolf von Harnack (1851–1930) at the University of Berlin. During his career he obtained an honorary doctorate from the University of Athens, and in 1927 became a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. He died in Locarno, Switzerland on June 25, 1942. Largely known for his work as a church historian and for his research of the New Testament, Lietzmann was also an authority in the fields of archaeology, classical philology and papyrology. File:Grab Hans...
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